Rotary gate valve

Functional description:

The valve trim consists of 2 sealing discs and with lapped surfaces, pressed together by a spring and the differential pressure. The lower disc is firmly fixed in the valve body; the upper disc is connected with the valve shaft and is turned by the actuator in a range of 0° (valve closed) to 90° (valve fully open). Each disc has 1-2 bores for the flow passage; however, the lower (fixed) disc has additional radial flow channels, of which the cross-section increases in the direction of the respective bore (analogues to a V-Port plug). Depending of the position of the upper, rotating throttle disc a certain cross-section of this V-groove is released and thus the flow through the valve is ultimately specified.

Rotery gate valve 8C/6H-D

The rotary gate valve trim offers an optimal solution for the precise control of small flow rates. This new system consists of two slices with a lapped surface, each with a bore each, which are pressed together by means of a spring and by the differential pressure. This guarantees absolute tightness, as manufacturing tolerances and thermal expansion no longer play a role. The almost equal percentage control characteristic is achieved through a tangential flow channel, which opens into the bore of this slice. Due to the self-cleaning effect as well as the comprehensive material selection for the throttle element (including ceramic), this system is the first choice in particular for high differential pressures and critical media.

Nominal size: DN15 – DN32 / ½“ – 1“
Nominal pressure: PN16 – 250 / Class 150 – 1500
Characteristic: inherent, nearly square base
KVS: 0,01 – 1 m3/h
Rangeability: 100:1
Seat leakage: IV, V
Body material: 1.0619,1.4408,1.6220,1.7357
Trim materials: SS 316, 316L, Nitronic 60, Wolframcarbid